Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

Nothing says 'beautiful' more than a tousled romantic wedding hairstyle. These styles are very popular today and are easy to create on your own. Pull your hair loosely back and twist into s chignon, pinning into place. Pull out various wispy strands on each side of the chignon for that tousled look. These updo hairstyles will look great for a wedding hairstyle.

Wedding Updos

Great ideas for wedding hairstyles start with the updos. Take a sleek updo and pull out a few strands here and there, maybe curl them and voila--you have a romantic wedding updo.

Selecting the right wedding hairstyle can start with your wedding dress. If your dress is a fancy elaborate dress, you will want to select a hairstyle that isn't fancy and elaborate - so you can offset your look and have balance.

Likewise a very simple wedding dress can have an elaborate updo.

Of course there are no rules when it comes to wedding hairstyles. It is always a good idea to schedule a trial run with your hair stylist several weeks before your big day. During the trial run you can see exactly how your hair will look--and hold up after a whole day of activities.

The trial run allows you to plan and almost eliminates the possibility of a bad hair day. If you are doing your own hair or having a friend do it, then you should still do a trial run. Try your dress with your hairstyle to see if the whole package looks good together.

You can complete your wedding hairstyle by adding some hair accessories. Check out this site for some great ideas.
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