Cute short haircut

New haircut, originally uploaded by Leszek.Leszczynski.

lovely strawberry blonde.

Korean Hairstyle for Men | Lee Min Ho Hairstyle

 Handsome with curly hairstyle for boy from Lee Min Ho

Mens Punk Hairstyles

Mens Punk Hairstyles -

Punk Hairstyles For Men

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Mens Indie Hairstyles

Mens Indie Hairstyles - When you think of male Indie haircuts, you may think of the type of haircuts that many punk type musicians are known for sporting such as the band members of Kill Hannah.

In fact, this band may be more known for their hairstyle and haircuts than they are their music.

Male Indie haircuts are definitely considered a funky hairstyle. It is a haircut that definitely many musicians and many artsy type people wear. It is also a haircut that will make one stand out from the crowd and make the crowd take notice. The Indie Haircut may vary, depending on the taste of the wearer. He can choose many options, according to his tastes and his personality, such as:

The length:
Generally the hair length is short, or medium length, stopping at the shoulder. The level of messiness: The hair could have a neat like appearance on one side or a shag like appearance throughout.

male indie hairstyle kill hannah 

The colors:
Colors are a plus, when it comes to an Indie haircut. Although the basic color is black, other colors are added into the mixture such as blond, blond to almost white to many unique color choices such as dark blue and maroon, as well.
The color allows the wearer to express himself or his mood even more than the original cut does. The choice of wearing extensions or not: Many times colored extensions may be added (even colored faux hawk), as well.
How a person chooses to style an Indie cut may vary. Some men actually prefer to straighten part or all of his hair using a straightening iron. While other men, prefer to keep the shaggy unkempt look and even adding to it, by the use of styling gels.
As for the bangs, many times the bangs are allowed to remained long and pushed off to one side. Other wearers may prefer angled cut bangs falling just below eye level.
The cut around the sides can vary, too. Some may have the sides cut shorter, allowing for view of the ears. While others may like the sides to grow down towards his shoulders.

male indie haircut 

Choosing Male Indie Haircuts

Choosing the right Indie haircut can be a hard choice.
Any man who chooses to go this route, should look at various pictures of this haircut showing various options of it first.
As he is looking at these pictures, he should first consider which length he would like the best.
Once he decides on the length, he should think about how much work he is willing to do to maintain the hairstyle, on a daily basis.
Does he want a cut that is easy maintenance or does he not mind doing the straightening on a regular basis?
Next, he should consider what colors would suit him and his personality. The additions he can decide on later.
An Indie haircut is one that will get you noticed. You can be sure that people will look at you when you pass. Are you sure you can handle the scrutiny?
What about your lifestyle? Can your job and your family life be scrutinized?

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Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men

Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men - If style pundits were in any doubt as to the status of the rockabilly hair revival that has been gradually gaining momentum over the last two years, then the display of 30s, 40s and 50s-inspired retro hair at the menswear shows this year was the final proof they needed. Designers including the likes of Jil Sander and Thomas Maier at Bottega Veneta sent out model after model sporting playful quiffs accessorised with rockabilly string ties and greaser gear. The message was undeniable: rockabilly - specifically rockabilly hair - is back and we can comfortably add it to the list of men's 2010 hair trends.

When you think of the rockabilly haircut images of James Dean, Elvis Presley and John Travolta in Grease immediately spring to mind. The hairstyle constituted slick back hair (hence the name 'greaser'). The top was kept longer in length as was the back and the sides were short and the hair could be parted, slicked back or pompadour. The 'ducktail' (also known as the 'duck's ass' or 'D.A') is another variation where a central part runs down the head with the side sections curled in (as shown at Bottega Veneta, above).

Bottega Veneta Autumn / Fall 2010
When you think of the rockabilly haircut images of James Dean, Elvis Presley and John Travolta in Grease immediately spring to mind. The hairstyle constituted slick back hair (hence the name 'greaser'). The top was kept longer in length as was the back and the sides were short and the hair could be parted, slicked back or pompadour. The 'ducktail' (also known as the 'duck's ass' or 'D.A') is another variation where a central part runs down the head with the side sections curled in (as shown at Bottega Veneta, above).

Not that the present incarnation of the rockabilly is the only resurgence of the hairstyle since its 50s heyday, like fashion's ever turning cycle, rockabilly style has been on and off trend at various times since its creation. Ever ebbing and flowing, the style evolved in the 80s thanks chiefly to musical icons such as Morrissey and his ilk who gave the quiff a new lease of life. Quickly gargantuan pompadours were both gracing the covers of magazines everywhere and in turn the streets where disenfranchised youths quickly adopted the statement-making barnet.

In Japan there has been a large rockabilly subculture for some time. Stroll down to a particular downtown park in Tokyo on the right day and you'll witness a gathering of exaggerated greaser-types treating passers-by to a variety of elaborate dance routines while lip-synching to vintage rock 'n' roll music, their perfect gravity-defying exaggerated quiffs moving along to the music. Even women are getting in on the act. Last year during the women's catwalks shows models including Agyness Deyn adopted the men's rockabilly and stars such as Pink and Rihanna have both experimented with the masculine quiff. However, the award for the heftiest version on a woman must go to La Roux whose mammoth quiff has become her style signature.
Yes, you may get cat-calls along the lines of "hey Elvis!" from the style unenlightened on the street, but experimenting with rockabilly hair shows definite style savvy. 

Heidi Klum hair (long bob)

Heidi Klum, originally uploaded by az29c.

bangs and some layered edges

Heidi Klum blonde retro hair

Heidi Klum, originally uploaded by feichtnerc.

Very blond , vintage look with pincurls. and waves

Via Flickr:
Supermodel Heidi Klum at the red carpet during the life ball in vienna, back in 2005

Indie Hairstyles for Men

Indie Hairstyles for Men - With the evolution of hair styling gents have more and more options to style their locks. The Indie hair styles for men presented below provide them with alternative hair styling designs that allows them to challenge their creativity. Medium as well as short Indie haircuts would help them adopt a more versatile and on trend look. 

Alternative hair styling indeed offer green way to everyone both girls and boys to adopt a do that reflects their personality and versatility. Those who are fascinated by the Indie subculture with the signature music as well as clothing style should take a closer glimpse at these stylish haircuts. Men will be thrilled to adopt a trend that furnishes them with endless hair sculpting ideas. If you're flirting with the idea of a brand new haircut make sure you take a look at the Indie hair styles for men below to have the perfect drive to make the big step and trim or grow out your locks. 


One of the trademark details of short Indie hair styles is a smashing and on trend bangs design. This is undoubtedly one of the top options to allow more hair styling options. Therefore those who wish to embrace this trend should definitely leave the front sections longer. Use the high quality and pro hair styling formulas and tools to keep the strands properly conditioned to sport your locks either tousled and messy or sleek and tamed.

Choose longer bangs if you are ready to perk up your hair care routine and experiment with the various styling options. Indie style fans often wear their bangs brushed into the face for a more subtle and mysterious effect. On the other hand you can also opt for a blunt bangs paired with a chic cut if you would like to popularize this style wave.

Medium Indie hair styles are also versatile and would make you look and feel super-hot. If you wish to add a cool vibe to your look either grow out your tresses or adopt a layered cut which is the top option to sport a cutting edge do. In this case you have the chance to preserve the natural texture of your hair be it wavy, curly or super-sleek. The hair styles above grant you with a smashing accessory that makes a real strong style statement each time you leave your home. Amaze your friends or date with a similar Indie do which promotes the styling of the bangs as well as the universal quality of layers that add movement and texture to your locks.

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Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyles for Men - Hairstyles for boy give fresh experience in every trend hairstyles for boy this year.

Hairstyles for boy will support the boy hair performance when he wanted look impression.

Haircuts for boy provide new solution about any hair problem if match it first.

Hairstyles for boy with short hair make someone feel comfortable enough within via short hair.

Perhaps hairstyles for boy 2011 meet the amazing styles in 2011.

Hairstyles for men that we try to show here are the best selected photos in this year.

 Hairstyles for men include men fashion which could release a new appearance.

 Hairstyles for men with short hair come through latest trend around short hair.

 Long hairstyles for men complete your performance in each opportunity.

 Medium length hairstyles for men more easily change into any medium haircuts.

Hairstyles for men 2011 start the 2011 with some fresh masculine view.

Boy hairstyles are one alternative way when boy want perform stylish via hairstyles.

Boy hairstyles allow them look awesome with new shape.

Boy hairstyles for medium hair could customize in every medium model.

Men hairstyles provide newest hairstyles when men want to get fashionable.

 Through men hairstyles collection here, the latest trend may follow you.
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