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Caring for hair can be time consuming... more so if you're active in sports and find yourself showering a lot. Naturally, long hair takes considerably more time to care of while short hair is easy to manage and can be styled quickly. So choose a hairstyle that fits in with your lifestyle.


This one of the most important factors when deciding on a haircut. Hair can be easily manipulated to highlight or de-emphasize certain features. It can add angles to a round face or play down a large nose. The possibilities are endless.
Usually faces are of three shapes -- round, long and square.

If your face is round, add length to your face by having fullness on the top of head. It can also be achieved by either having no parting or one which is placed to one side. Avoid styles where hair is very long and straight or flat at the top of your head.

For a long face, the forehead, cheek bones and jaw are often of equal width and this can be hard, so a soft hair style is usually more flattering. Avoid center parting and dead straight shoulder length hair but aim at a short one.

Square face has an angular shape and any hairstyle should be gentle to soften the outline. Shoulder length hair, flicking at the ends or straight, is flattering and so is a short style flicking away from the face at ear-level. Hair swept to one side or with a diagonal fringe is attractive.

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Particular hairstyles project certain looks. Long hair is perceived as being feminine and sexy. Short, cropped hair is seen as being sporty and/or business like. But rarely sexy.

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all about man emo hair style

all about man emo hair style
all about man emo hair style
all about man emo hair style

Prom hairstyles guys

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The prom night is very important to all teenagers who are dressed in their very best to create an attractive persona about themselves. 

This is the time when young girls dream and hope to meet a charming prince and young guys hope to meet the girl of their dreams. 

Curly Hairstyles for guys

Curly Hairstyles for guys,modern short hairstyle,latest curly hairstyle pictures and tips ideas.
You can wear long curly hair styles for men, but you will have to consider a bit of hair care.

Curly hair may be difficult to maintain, however, there are some good curly hair styles for men that rule out the need of maintaining such hair along with contributing to the stylishness of the wearer. 

For men with curly hair, it is better to wear short haircuts, as you will not have to worry about caring for your hair much.  While choosing a particular curly hairstyle, you also have to take into consideration if it matches your shape of the face.

Short emo hairstyles for guys

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Many people believe that not everyone can carry off a full fledged emo hairstyle. But who says you can't take inspiration from short emo hair.

 One can always experiment with short emo hair cuts and skip out on the strong contrasting hair coloring ideas. Contrary to popular belief, girls too can carry of emo hair. In fact girls can have more fun with emo hairstyles than guys. 

Medium hairstyles for guys

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Hairstyles for Guys

Hairstyles for Guys,modern Hairstyles for Guys pictures and ideas and tips for the new hairstyle.short hairstyle for kids and guys.

Hairstyles for Guys

These days many young girls and boys have taken a fancy to the scene hairdos. Scene hairstyles have definitely become one of the most popular teen hairstyles. Being a scenester is all about donning a hairdo that reflects your sense of style. Since haircut styles and ideas that are used in these hairdos are very different from the ones used in mainstream hairdos, scene boys and girls definitely make heads turn.

Long, wedding hairstyles are very romantic

Wedding hairstyles look very romantic when they are extra long and wavy. Subtle waves, see photo left, make this style very appealing. The crown area is kept smooth and waves start about shoulder level and go to the ends.

The extra long length can be achieved easily by attaching human hair extensions. There are clip-in extensions that can be attached for a very temporary style, or there are more permanent extensions that are attached directly to the natural hair for a more permanent attachment using bonding, fusion, locs, links or string.  See more wedding hairstyles


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